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What Makes Us Beat

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Through a combination of skilled cardiologists and staff, modern medical technology, and attentive, personalized care, PCA is the leading provider of cardiovascular services to the residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley region with offices in Parkersburg, Jackson County and Elizabeth. A sustained emphasis on, and ongoing excellence in, providing close-to-home cardiovascular care have been PCA traditions since 1972—they will continue to be traditions for years to come.
The goal of PCA is simple—to enable and preserve the patient's best-possible heart health. From a range of outpatient diagnostic services and consultation to 24-hour/7-day interventional coverage and open-heart surgery, PCA's highly-trained, board-certified, professional staff is ready to meet the patient's cardiovascular needs. Patients come first at PCA. Please feel free to spend a few moments learning about PCA.
Thank you for visiting Parkersburg Cardiology Associates.


Parkersburg Cardiology Associates was started in 1972 by Dr. Michael A. Santer, Jr. A year later Dr. M. David Avington joined him. There have been many milestones between then and now such as the opening of the first catheterization laboratory in 1988 and open heart surgery in 2004. Over 50 years later Parkersburg Cardiology finds itself in a new building with a large team of providers and over 50 staff members. Parkersburg Cardiology Associates appreciates the support shown by the community throughout the years and stands ready to serve and meet the cardiovascular needs of the Mid-Ohio Valley for many years to come.” 

PCA Milestones

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